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Welcome to Impactever.

Impactever is an online platform where I invite and share stories of young entrepreneurs from India and France. The reason I have focused on youth is to show that we are flexible despite having access to limited resources to reach smart solutions. Impactever focuses on India and France. The two countries share science, culture and historic relations. Through Impactever, I would like to bring the youth of the two countries on a common platform in the area of entrepreneurship.

I am currently a Master’s student at SciencesPo, Paris and am pursuing a degree in International Development. In June 2018 I published the World Hope Index in the Journal for Young Investigators. The objective of the World Hope Index, after analysing data of 131 countries, is to help readers understand that hope can be perceived as a social product.

Following this paper, I attended international youth conferences in China, France and India. Here, I got to meet many young leaders working on various projects that generate social impact. In Paris, alongside studies I continue to improve my French language skills. Combining my skills and interests, I have created Impactever.

Through Impactever, I would like to combine social entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship and energy related stories.  My hope is that Impactever will bridge young innovators and inspire youth.

- Rahul Waslekar

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