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Ludovic de Gromard
- Chance 


November 2020

A tried and tested solution to long term happiness 

- An interview with the Mr. Ludovic de Gromard, the CEO of Chance 

Ludovic de Gromard’s motivation towards conceptualizing and launching his company was partially induced during his expedition to India. While he was in the search for young talent for a project based in the UAE, he stumbled upon hundreds of young people in India and Asia to only find a common binding factor. He realized that 90% of people he interviewed were still search of what made them most happy and what they wanted to make of their future. This is what led to the birth of Chance. Chance is a digital coaching service to help you choose a job and career that would make you feel most happy. Chance blends psychology and technology making it a state of the art PsyTech company. It is also free for everyone to try!

Here is a short video presenting the mission of Chance:


Here is the link to learn more about the programme and start your free trial today!

One of the biggest decisions the company had to make was in April 2018. Ludovic and his team were based in Brazil at the time and had to change their business model for the betterment of the company. This decision was crucial as it involved not only moving to another country but also laying off majority of their staff. Within three days of making this decision and laying off over 80% of their staff, Chance moved their entire operations to France, which is where they are now based. This colossal risk decided the fate of the company.

Exactly in two years, in April 2020, Chance raised €5.6 million, led by the Zulu group, along with and the French Ministry of Labour. They have had over 20,000 people use their service with more than 90% of their users giving nothing but positive reviews. The company envisages themselves to one day become a common service for all. It is also currently completely funded by the CPF (compte personnel de formation) in France.

The impact Chance has created is on two large-scale levels. At the core of the company’s values, lies the strong urge to improve social mobility. To quote Ludovic, “Being engaged in the work you do is a necessary condition to perform well, which is hence results in social mobility as you will go higher up the social ladder.” The second level of impact is on mental health. Chance has impacted the lives of people from all walks of lives, majorly including those who have been less privileged in life. This also includes many living, primarily those in France. Users have shown improvements in overall mental health by virtue of Chance.

His advice to young entrepreneurs and innovators comes from the experience which he has gathered over the past decade and beyond. M. Gromard believes that it is important to “explore within oneself and truly understand if you have the spirit of becoming an entrepreneur.” In addition, throughout the years he has received major criticism from his peers, forcing him to give up everything and go back to a more mundane lifestyle. He believes it is very important to stay strong and not give up. While there might be many who would like to see you fail, it is important to keep your chin up and keep your motivation flowing.

Chance is on the path of a PsyTech revolution. Click here to read more about them.

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