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Emmanuel Bardin


December 2020

LemonTri - Over 2 million tonnes of recycled waste

- An interview with Mr. Emmanuel Bardin, Co-founder of LemonTri 


Fresh out of business school in 2011, Emmanuel Bardin and his best friend Augustin Jaclin were fuelled with the desire to create a product or service that would have a direct positive impact on the environment. Without losing any time, they realised grabbed onto the opportunity and growing importance of waste management in France. LemonTri is a company that creates a variety of machines that collects and segregates more than 30 types of waste. These include waste such as plastic cups and bottles, paper waste, aluminium cans etc. Their objective is to improve waste collection and recycling in all spaces outside of home. Ever since their conception, LemonTri has collected over 2000 tonnes of waste and collect millions of bottles every year.

LemonTri has faced two major challenges since its conception. The first four years of the company’s growth was coupled with challenges of creating a pilot model for French cities along with challenges of commercialisation. They are now not only in Paris but also present in Marseille as well. The second challenge which was rather inevitable, was that of the COVID-19 pandemic on businesses such as theirs.


LemonTri has created impact on two levels; environmental and social. On the environmental front, Emmanuel and his team have managed to collect, segregate and recycle hundreds of tonnes of waste. They also now have a range of products targeting at a variety of consumers. This could include airports, train stations, offices, the streets, and even big events such as a festival. Some of the machines even return a small token or coupon as an incentive for consumers to recycle more. The company has also succeeded in creating social impact. In 2016, LemonTri launched ‘Lemon Aide’ a programme aimed towards professional integration of unemployed people, young people or old individuals who have been unemployed for long periods of time, into the workforce. It is a programme that lasts for six to eight months, inviting over 15 individuals to come and work for the company.

Regardless of the ongoing pandemic, the future for Emmanuel and his team seem hopeful. In the coming years, they intend to expand to other big cities in France, especially those where waste management and unemployment are both a long-lasting problem. In this manner, they can hit two birds with one stone. Moreover, they also hope that with further governmental tax regulations, the need and demand for a product such as theirs will become far more pertinent in France.


Emmanuel’s advice to the youth is to not have any fear of taking initiative, which alone is a massive step in itself. “It’s always better to create something when you are young, motivated and still away from major responsibilities that will be thrown at you later in life”, says Emmanuel. He wishes that the youth participates more in issues of social importance by not only improving on their existing skills but developing new ones.

Click here to read more about LemonTri, their impact, products and a lot more.  

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