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Naman Srivastava
- Global Governance Initiative


November 2020

The mantras towards an equitable and inclusive world

- An interview with Naman Srivastava, the founder and CEO of the Global Governance Initiative 

With a drive to solve some of the most prevalent problems and challenges that he experienced in his early professional life, Naman set up the Global Governance Initiative (GGI). While working as a strategic advisor in the Government of India, Naman realised two fundamental problems that needed to be addressed. The first problem he noticed was that he was the youngest individual in all the meetings. The youth were simply not represented. Second, he came to an equal realisation that women too were underrepresented.

This problem was not solely present and borne to the ministry he worked in but was acutely present throughout ministries at the central and state level. Through the Global Governance Initiative which is the co-founder of along with Shatakshi Sharma, he aims to address these macro level problems. He intends to increase representation of both, youth and women in order to ensure a more equitable and inclusive ecosystem.


So, how exactly have they achieved this? GGI intends to create a more equitable world and create an impact through up-skilling masterclasses and fellowships. They have curated a syllabus through advisors based in Boston, which includes experts from The Fletcher Schools and staff at McKinsey & Co. The experience they intend to give to delegates and students who participate in their masterclasses and fellowship programme is taught with a practical and hands-on approach. Students also, through their fellowship have the opportunity to work on real projects. This is with the intention to equip them with the softer aspects of hard skills. This will also equip students with notion of what it takes to create an impact. 

Here is a short video presenting what the Global Governance Initiative is: 

Naman and his team believed that in order to avert any challenge, it would be ideal to convert it into an opportunity instead. Naman and his team from day one, have been focused on the quality of their product. This is what helped them gain traction between universities, big businesses and experts alike. This also attracted a diverse range of students, both locally and internationally to participate in the masterclasses. GGI has welcomed renowned speakers including Mr. Rajat Gupta, former CEO of McKinsey & Company and Mr. Bhaskar Chakrovarti of The Fletcher School among several others. “Practicality, diversity and quality. This is what makes GGI unique and sets us apart.” What makes GGI truly unique is that it is the first organisation of such a stature to be founded in India.

“Every startup pivots.”

His advice to future innovators and entrepreneurs is just to put your foot down and start. While one might tend to worry and fear about factors such scalability, profitability and taking risks, it is more important to dive into the work and start working. “Every startup pivots”, said Naman during the interview. This has been the case with multiple famous startups in the past and hence supports his claim. Rather than pondering over how successful your initiative might be, it is more important to be agile along with strong ethics and fundamentals.

GGI’s prime intention is for their students, faculty and invitees to receive nothing but the best in terms of the overall experience in order to further refine it for future delegates.

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