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Why Impactever?

Impactever is an online platform where I invite and share stories of young entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs from India and France. You will find articles, interviews, video conversations and even secrets on becoming a true international entrepreneur that solves real issues of international development while being local.

This website intends to focus on the challenges, risks, obstacles and the journey that led to the impact businesses have created. You will simultaneously gain advice on what it means to be a social or youth entrepreneur in our world full of exciting opportunities and toilsome challenges. The reason I have focused on youth and social entrepreneurs is to show that we they can be flexible despite having access to limited resources to reach smart solutions. It is also to better understand how entrepreneurs tackle problems from the ground up to help their community strive.

Moreover, Impactever focuses on India and France. The two countries share science, culture and historic relations. Through Impactever, I would like to bring the youth of the two countries on a common platform in the area of entrepreneurship. This would mobilise the transfer of ideas, expertise and solutions to common problems.

Hopefully you will seek inspiration from these stories of how ordinary people are accomplishing the extraordinary. You will learn about how some have dared to dream about the impossible and went from step 0 to being a success. Thus, I welcome you to explore around and engage yourself. Together, we can all play our role to create an impact that matters.

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