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Why India and France?

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

The reason for focusing on India and France is not only a personal one but also to showcase the strengths, similarities between the two countries. I started learning French from my early teenage days. I was enticed towards the language and culture of France. Learning about its history, literature, cuisine and a lot more made my learning journey enjoyable and rich. Alongside this, having studied economics in my undergraduate years, I eventually decided to pursue my Master’s degree at Sciences Po in Paris where I am currently a student of International Development.

Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian - External Affairs Minister of France (L) and M. Francois-Xavier Priollaud - Vice President of the Normandy Region (R) and myself - Normandy For Peace Forum 2019

More importantly, India and France, for decades now have had a strong bond through strong cooperation and exchange of ideas, resources and expertise in many avenues. Some of these include economic, energy, defence and space cooperation to name a few. This long lasting bilateral strategic partnership was strengthened and reinforced over multiple encounters between both countries. Such as, the issuing a “Joint Vision for Space Cooperation”, during President Macron’s visit to India in 2018. This includes Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) and the French National Space Agency (CNES) to collaborate on different aspects of space research and science.

Most notably, in 2015, the International Solar Alliance that was launched at COP-21, Paris by both Heads of States marked a new milestone in Indo-French relations. This remarkable achievement of developing an alliance of 121 countries aims at combining global efforts to promote solar energy and give access to energy to every household.

While these examples exist on the governmental/macro level, this same effort of exchange of ideas, partnerships and expertise is also happening at the micro level. This is what I am offering here. A platform to showcase these ideas and act as one of many bridges between India and France. A platform where both countries can exchange knowledge, innovative solutions and expertise. An online space to extend and build new partnerships. I hope that young entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs use Impactever to continue this robust bond through playing a minor role of contributing to it while learning from others.

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