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Jivan's Children Trust 


October 2020

To instill purpose, one child at a time

- Sashi Kapur, Stéphanie Robin and Sathyana Giroux

In an interview with Sashi Kapur, the Director of the Jivan’s Children Trust School, he recounts the history and purpose of Jivan’s Children Trust. He touches upon the impact it has created, its link to Europe and future plans he will now work on with his wife Stephanie Robin.

Bodhgaya in Bihar, is a sacred religious site for many but holds a special place in the hearts of Sashi Kapur, Stephanie Robin, Sathyana Giroux and the rest of their team. It is where the Jivan’s Children Trust School aims at improving the lives of Dalit children. In 2010, when Sathyana Giroux from Switzerland, was travelling through cities in India and sought the need to help the underprivileged children of those in Bodhgaya. She soon started an evening school, along with her friend. This is how Jivan’s Children was born. Jivan’s Children particularly focuses on improving the lives of those from the Dalit caste. They aim to bring about positive change to those who have faced years of discrimination, neglect and even abuse throughout their lives.


The Trust has expanded over the past few years and recently even opened a second school. Currently, in addition to the two schools, there are four full time teachers, and members of the trust in France and Switzerland. In 2015, the school only consisted of 20 students. With an addition of 80 more pupils over four years, there are now a total of over 100 school children. 80% of the children are keen to go onto formal schools and universities in order to complete higher education.

Sashi Kapur was involved with the school from 2012 to 2014 as he would visit just to spend time with the children and play with them. Although, he started to visit the school frequently after completing his university studies in 2018. This is when he was appointed to become the Secretary of Jivan’s Children Trust. He is also the Director of the school at present. He primarily runs the school with his wife Stephanie Robin, who is French. They met in Calcutta, the city in which Sashi grew up. The Trust partially operates out of France, where Stephanie Robin is currently based. In France, they have an office, sponsors and other administrative aspects that are handled.


The result of all their hard work over the past few years that has led them to grow exponentially year on end. The impact the trust has created over the past few years has helped children feel an abundance of joy, a stronger purpose to learn and most importantly given them hope. Hope for a better life, a better future. They see this year, as a year of rebirth for the Jivan’s Children Trust. They plan to mobilise more funds, more resources and more students to be a part of this ongoing journey, in the hope to touch more lives than ever before.

Click here to find out on how you could sponsor a child in Bodhgaya and make a difference to a single life.

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