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Anne Clotteau
Thank you and Welcome


December 2020

Reshaping the fundamentals of Human Resources 

- An interview with Mme. Anne Clotteau, Founder and President at Thank you and Welcome


With over 20 years of experience in the field of human resources (HR) in multinationals such as L’Oreal, Anne Clotteau, sought the need for major structural change in the field. Throughout her journey in the field of HR, she realised the large extent to which CEOs and top directors were the sole decision makers. She believed that other stakeholders and collaborators, including those within the company often did not have their voice heard during key decision making processes. This is what motivated her to create Thank you and Welcome.

“There are many companies tackling food, clothing and energy wastage. There is an equally urgent need to tackle the waste of knowledge by highlighting and sharing individual experiences and professional stories. There is an urgent need to develop and raise awareness of human capital and the intangible heritage of a company.”

- Anne Clotteau

Here is a video representing the company's mission and values: 

The mission of Thank You and Welcome is to 'construct a future, in the present, on the basis of past experiences.' Thank you and Welcome is an online platform and tool for companies to invite collaborators and all key partners within and beyond a company to share, preserve and structure the testimonials. This is done with the help of questionnaires and surveys. The offboarding course enables employees to be valued and their best practices, knowledge and achievements to be brought together in video, written and documented format. The onboarding Welcome course helps new employees and service providers take up duties in an efficient manner.


Anne believes that the biggest challenges she faces is within the outlook and characteristics traditional companies are shaped. They tend to lack a culture of transmission and inclusivity. This is what acts as a barrier towards being inclusive, efficient and transparent.     

In addition to the main service, Thank you and Welcome have also launched a programme called ‘Les Eclaireurs’, with the goal of making the company more inclusive and socially responsible. As and when a new client signs a contract with them, a small fraction of the money goes to old age homes, refugee and migrant centres and other related factions of society. This is what makes the company play its part in contributing to the circular economy.

Anne’s advice to young entrepreneurs lies within her decades of rich experience. She strongly believes that it is very important to make use of the existing ecosystem that you are present in by reaching out to people, businesses, incubators, accelerators and so on. Moreover, she equally believes that it is important for entrepreneurs and those with an idea, to study the market well before plunging straight into work. Lastly, she believes that it is important to always ask questions and remain curious.  

Anne and her team are on the path of reinventing the practices of sharing knowledge and experiences in the service of performance and quality of life at work.

Click here to read more about the company and its ground-breaking service.

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