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Martin Mayer & Raphael Beziz


December 2020

Strategy, innovation, empowerment 

- An interview with Mr. Martin Mayer, Co-Founder of YouMeO

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YouMeO is a unique community inspired by the collaborative economy and open innovation. The company has developed a collaborative approach on subjects linked to the strategy and innovation of a company.  It brings together experts such as consultants, business executives, managers, employees, experts, and so on. On the other front, it is also a collaboration of lateral thinkers such as researchers, entrepreneurs, students, philosophers, sociologists, to name a few. YouMeO acts as a bridge between both these actors in order to collaborate on business problems of the present and future.

YouMeO facilitates access to the business community by providing clients with advice and support on business challenges. Some of the challenges include growth strategies, internationalization, marketing and communication, business performance and innovation.

The company follows a three pronged overview for all clients, in order to make their experience immersive. This three pronged strategy includes the following: building innovative and original strategies for each company that approaches them. The second is to design experiences that would be impactful and long running. Lastly, they aim at re-thinking a company’s operating mode by studying a the work culture and practices. Interestingly, the ‘O’, in YouMeO, stands for ‘Others’, which brings out the importance of a collective network and not solely being individualistic by focusing on oneself.

“Strategy is finding the right innovation playground” - YouMeO

While working with their clients, Martin realized that a new challenge that companies have been facing is at the managerial level. However, he also saw this as an opportunity. He noted that the youth want to challenge and find sense of meaning in the work they do. Noticing this problem in traditional companies, Martin came to the realization that YouMeO could be a platform for the youth to flourish by providing new and innovation solutions to old business problems.

According to Martin Mayor, “To be entrepreneurial means to be collaborative. Entrepreneurs tend to think that they can do it all by themselves which is wrong. This is a major flaw. It is important to seek help whenever needed, build a group, delegate tasks responsibly and bring out the best in everyone.”

YouMeO are on the path of being pioneers in business strategy and innovation. With clients such as the SNCF, AirFranceKLM, Thales, Societe Generale and many other MNCs and international banks, they strongly believe that they hold a bright future and can truly create a footprint.

Click here to read more about YouMeO, their values and client testimonials.

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